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Paying for your care

If you are assessed as needing support and care, either in your home or in a care home, you may have to pay something towards the cost. A financial assessment will be carried out to help you understand what you will pay towards your care.

What are the two types of financial assessments?

There are two types of financial assessments (sometimes known as the means test):

  1. A residential care assessment: for people looking to enter a residential or nursing care setting.
  2. A non-residential care assessment: for people that require care at home and help with day care or transport costs.

Funding your own care at home or in a care home

Find out more about the process and the types of care

View the charging policy

Get details on how the amount you pay towards your care is calculated and how we assess different types of income and capital.


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Residential care finance enquiries:

Non-residential care finance enquiries (if your care needs are at home):