Policies and procedures

When we begin safeguarding work, we follow a set of policies and procedures to ensure you know what to expect from us.

Further information

These policies and procedures are often developed in conjunction with out partners, so that you can expect a consistent response from any of the professionals involved in keeping you safe. We call these multi-agency policies and procedures. Below you will find information about the policies, procedures and standards that we follow.

You can now access the policies and procedures via the quick link above.

Safeguarding Adults Competency Framework

The Safeguarding Adults Competency Framework is a set of documents for use by the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Adults Workforce to support individuals and organisations to undertake their safeguarding roles and responsibilities in a confident and competent manner.

There is an expectation that organisations will ensure that all staff providing a service know how to respond to concerns in line with local and national agendas. Some individuals will work in settings which provide both universal and specialist services for adults and children.

Please note that there is a separate Safeguarding Children Competency Framework that you may also need to use within your organisation.

This Competency Framework can be used by everyone who works or volunteers with adults or who is responsible for improving their outcomes. This includes:

  • Staff who support the six key principles of adult safeguarding and making safeguarding personal
  • Other individuals or services who, whilst not working in an adult safeguarding environment, may be interacting with adults who may have needs for care and support. This could include housing services staff, reception staff at leisure centres or community centres, community safety staff in neighbourhoods etc.