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Keep safe place scheme

The Keep Safe Place Scheme is nationally recognised and helps people to deal with the incidents that take place when they are out and about.

The scheme is aimed at helping people feel confident and safe when in their community, knowing that assistance is available if required.

Keep safe cards

The new keep safe card is a card to keep on you at all times, in your purse, in your wallet or in your bag. It is there to help you be more independent and give you the confidence to cope in difficult situations.
The card has space to write down important information about yourself, like what medicines you are taking, what difficulties you have and how you like to communicate. You can write telephone numbers on it if someone needs to be contacted in an emergency.

The cards are widely used and recognised by all emergency professionals. You can use the card in city centres, on the bus, if you get lost, when you go to a hospital or in libraries.

Where can you get a keep safe card?

The card is available at our customer service centre, police stations, libraries and keep safe places in the city. To view the keep safe places in your area visit the  Leicestershire County Council website, or see the document attached at the bottom of this page. 

Contact us

Ring Community Safety Team 0116 454 4140