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Signs of Safety

We are implementing a Signs of Safety approach for work with children and young people. As implementation progresses, the Signs of Safety approach will be used to support referrals, assessments, reviews and a range of other multi-agency activity.

Signs of Safety use an interactive mapping process to assist with thinking and analysis with a child/family situation. The referrer will still complete the Multi Agency Support Panel (MASP) referral form as the background information is required to fully understand what the current situation is for the family. The mapping template is completed in addition to the referral to ensure the key points and concerns are highlighted to inform discussion, analysis and decision making.   

The MASP process will bring together a range of views and ‘best thinking’ and will also allow for:

  • An interactive group mapping exercise which allows for a better understanding of the current situation,
    (including what is working well, what are we worried about and what needs to happen - next steps

  • A collaborative decision making process, including the use of a scaling question

  • Identification of workable timescales and progression of actions without delay.

Further information

Watch the Signs of Safety video. 

If you would like to discuss what this looks like for Leicester City, please contact