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Training and strategy

Young people don't feel listened to. We've done award-winning work to ensure your views are heard by those that make decisions.

We’ve launched a new Participation Approach, this includes a new model called the Lundy Model of Participation, it also outlines why Participation is important, and how we will ensure that all staff our listening and responding to the views of the children and young people they work with.

The Lundy Model of participation was developed by Professor Laura Lundy, it helps us to make sure that staff uphold their responsibility under Article 12 of U.N Convention on the Rights of the child. It says to do this we should make sure we do four things when we work with children and young people.

Article 12 - The right to have your views heard and acted upon


Children and young people must have access to safe spaces to meet so they have equal opportunities to formulate and express views.


Children and young people must be supported to make their voice heard and express their views in a way that they decide is best.


We must ensure that children and young people’s voice’s will be listened to by the most appropriate audience.


We must ensure that children and young people are able to have influence and have their views acted upon, where appropriate, that staff who work with children and young people can show them how they influenced decisions about their life. It is important that we explain clearly to children and young people when decisions made about them are different to what they said they wanted.

Was Not Heard film

A film on children’s rights made by young people from Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland with the help of our youth participation service has been picked up by UNICEF.

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