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Weed killers

We try to reduce our use of weed killers to a minimum, unfortunately there are sometimes no practical or economic alternatives.

To prevent our parks and roads becoming choked with weeds or overgrown by grass we weed kill these areas. We also weed kill around trees, fences and other obstructions. This reduces the chances or damage to them during grass cutting operations.

We also spray our sports pitches and bowls greens to remove undesirable weeds and moss that would otherwise make the pitches and lawns unplayable.

For weed killing we use a Glyphosphate based weed killer approved for use in public areas. This is absorbed into the plant and kills both the green leaves and roots of the weeds. This chemical is designed be non-toxic to animals and humans, it is absorbed through the green leaves, kills only the plant and is neutralised on contact with the soil.

On our sports pitches we use a specialist weed killers approved for use in public areas. These are designed to target specific plants and species. For example chemical treatments for a football pitch may only target board leaved weeds and leave the surrounding grass unaffected.

Although all of the chemicals we use are designed to be nontoxic to humans and animals, our operatives do wear disposable suits and other protective clothing while spraying. This is a general precautionary measure for everyone who regularly uses chemicals and to prevent the chemicals being accidently spread around on clothing.