Three-year Capital Programme announced

Published on 08 December 2015

A MAJOR report has been drawn up detailing Leicester City Council’s spending on investment schemes and large projects over the next three years.

In all £108million has been earmarked for a range of works from 2016 to 2019, including a £44million investment in creating extra pupil places by expanding, building and improving schools.

A further £6.7million will be invested in community-based adult social care (extra care), and £24million on two major transport projects to improve access into the city from the north east and north west.

Many of the schemes will focus on priorities which have been raised at ward level and will benefit neighbourhoods across the city, such as highway maintenance, walking/cycling schemes, and a range of local environmental works.

The proposed Capital Programme involves spending £37.8million in 2016/17, £48.8million in 2017/18, and £21.5million in 2018/19.

Immediate projects include the Leicester North West Transport Programme which is improving the A50/A46 corridor, access works around the north of the city centre, highways maintenance, flood management works and festive decorations.

There will also be improvements to Saffron Hill Cemetery, new park equipment, and investment in replacing the council’s vehicle fleet with ultra low emission vehicles.

Schemes which need more detailed planning include the creation of extra school places, an Air Quality Action Plan and further development of the citywide parking strategy, covering parking measures in both the city centre and communities.

Investment is also earmarked for extending Saffron Hill Cemetery, extra care schemes which provide supported housing for older and vulnerable people, and local environmental works. 

The Capital Programme also includes £6.8million worth of road maintenance and repairs in communities across the city, ranging from pothole repairs, surface treatments and sealing works, to replacing old road humps and street light columns.

The programme was presented to the city council’s Labour group this week, and will go before the council’s Overview Select Committee in January.

Finally, it will go before a meeting of the full council on February 24 for approval.

Funding for the capital programme comes from a mixture of income from selling surplus buildings and land, along with grants which are outlined in the report.

Leicester City Mayor Peter Soulsby said: “This capital programme contains a wide array of projects over the next three years, and a major part of that will be invested in neighbourhoods across the city.

“In many cases these are priorities which have been raised at a ward level, and so people will see the benefit close to where they live.

“We’ll be investing more than £44million on expanding and improving schools to create help meet the city’s future needs for additional pupil places, along with ongoing improvements to the city’s transport infrastructure, and improving community-based adult social care.

“Extra care schemes have proved to be a very popular alternative to residential care.

“These investments both build on the progress made in our ongoing Economic Action plan, and will help ensure we meet the challenges faced by the city over the coming years.”