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Energy efficiency and sustainability statements

All major planning applications must be accompanied by a Sustainability Design and Construction Statement.

The statement will be expected to address current local plan policy and requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and must demonstrate:

  • How energy efficiency has been taken into account in the design and layout of the scheme and how the proposal will meet the requirements of the 2013 Building Regulations. A fabric first approach to energy efficiency will be expected, followed by connection to existing district heating, CHP or community heating. Finally on-site renewables should also be considered.
  • How the development will maximise an efficient use of resources, including minimising waste and maximising recycling/re-use of materials through both construction and occupation.
  • How the risks associated with future climate change have been planned for as part of the layout of the scheme and design of its buildings to ensure its longer term resilience specifically in terms of:
  1. The water environment (use of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), flood proofing measures and the design of new buildings to minimise water demand)
  2. Energy (future adaptability including passive solar design and mitigating the risk of over-heating).

Details of the requirements for the water environment can be found on the quick link above.