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Nomination to serve as an Authority Governor

The nomination procedure followed for new school governors

All administrative tasks will be undertaken by the Governor Services Team, Education Performance Service.

  1. When a vacancy arises, the Chair of Governors will be asked to complete a needs analysis form, indicating what skills/experience gaps have been identified by the governing body.
  2. When requests are received from individuals wishing to become Authority Governors, they will be asked to complete a nomination form, together with a skills/experience/attributes audit (Appendix 1). Nominees are also asked to sign a declaration of eligibility, as required by The School Governance (Constitution) (England) Regulations 2012.
  3. Following receipt of a completed nomination form, the application will be considered by the Director of Learning and Inclusion in conjunction with the Lead Member (Children’s Services).
  4. Once a nomination is approved, the Chair of Governors of that particular governing body will be notified and asked that the governing body consider the appointment of the nominee at its next governing body meeting. The Clerk will advise the Governor Services Team on whether the governing body has accepted the nomination.
  5. At the same time, a letter will be sent from the Governor Services Team to advise that his/her nomination has been forwarded to the governing body concerned for formal appointment.
  6. (a) Following notification from the Clerk to Governors that a nomination has been accepted, the Governor Services Team will write to the nominee concerned confirming their appointment. OR
    (b) Should the nominee not be appointed by the governing body, the Chair will provide reasons for the refusal to Local Authority (via the Governor Services Team). The Governor Services Team will then advise the nominee accordingly.
  7. When an existing Authority Governor is seeking reappointment for a further term of office, they will be required to complete a reappointment application form that will detail their skills and experience. The same nomination procedure (detailed above) will apply.