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On-the-spot fines

On-the-spot fines are an effective way of dealing with environmental crimes. The fine for the most common offences is £80.

Our city wardens only hand out fines when the evidence would be strong enough to stand up in court.

We don’t have any targets for issuing fines, and the money we raise is only used for education and prevention work.

Can I appeal?

You can only appeal a fixed penalty notice in court. If you receive a fine and want to challenge it, you can request a court hearing in writing. We will also send a court summons if we have not received payment within 14 days.

If you lose your case, you may be liable to a higher fine and a criminal record. You will also be liable for court costs.

Where can I go for advice?

Your local Citizens Advice Bureau, or a solicitor, will be able to advise you on challenging your fine in court.