Winter roads maintenance


During wintry conditions our overnight gritting programme makes the roads safer and free of ice for morning traffic.

Further information

We aim to keep the most important roads clear during the winter, which includes all main roads and bus routes. This is approximately 300km of main roads, more than a third of our entire road network.

We are unable to grit every road in the city, so we provide grit bins for residents to grit roads, footpaths and known trouble spots. You can download a list of grit bin locations at the bottom of the page. The grit is not for use on private driveways and property.

Pedestrians are advised to take extra care as footways are not gritted. During periods of heavy snowfall, when conditions permit, snow is cleared from footways in the city centre shopping area, other shopping areas and heavily used pavements.

To have a grit bin refilled, complete the online request form using the link above.

Contact us

Ring us on: 0116 454 1000