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Paying your rent

There are a number of ways you can pay your rent. The easiest way to pay is online.

You can also:

  • pay at any outlet showing the PayPoint logo. You can search for your local outlet on the PayPoint website.
  • pay over the telephone using your credit or debit card by calling us on 0116 454 1012 or 0116 454 1007. A free telephone service is available at your local housing office.
  • Register for Housing Online to view your rent account and download rent statements

Dealing with rent payments and arrears for council tenants

The rent arrears policy is designed to outline the responsibilities of the Income Management Team in the collection of rent and service charges from Leicester City Council tenants. The policy has considered best practice and income maximisation service for both tenants and the Council. The policy seeks to emphasise the ethos of working effectively and efficiently to ultimately sustain tenancies. Whilst sustaining tenancies is always a top priority, at times tenancies may lead to failure and to prevent this, the policy recognises and outlines processes to demonstrate, everything possible will be explored to avoid rent arrears from escalating and legal actions being taken against tenancies. The Council approach will remain focussed on preventative action and early intervention to prevent the initial accrual of rent arrears. We will provide a wide range of payment options suitable to our tenants and, to maximise collection rates whilst ensuring that we can sustain tenancies and support the most vulnerable.

We will strive to keep the level of rent arrears to an absolute minimum in order to maximise rental income in the best interest of tenants and the Council. The efficient collection of rent and service charges enables us to invest in the maintenance of Council homes. The policy applies to all Leicester City Council tenants where they have signed a tenancy agreement with the Council, agreed to the conditions of tenancy and have an obligation to pay Rent, Service Charges, and Metered District Heating Costs.

If you are experiencing any difficulties paying your rent or require support to claim Welfare Benefits, please contact the Income Management Team, details which can be found below. They can offer the following support:

  • Spread your rent payments and agree an instalment arrangement to clear any arrears.
  • Support to maximise your income and claim benefits to help pay your rent.
  • Refer you to specialist supporting agencies for independent legal advice or support with any financial or debt worries
  • Help you sustain your tenancy and avoid any court enforcement proceedings which could lead to the loss of your home.

Contact us

Ring us on: 0116 454 1007