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An outline of charges for our library services. Items that you have hired cannot be renewed and late returns will be charged as a further hire period.

Talking books

  • Children's: free
  • Adult's three week hire: £1.50 (maximum charge £3)
  • Adults 60+ and people with a visual impairment: free

Language courses

  • Three week hire: £2 (maximum charge £4)

Sound recordings

  • CD one week hire: 50p
  • Daily (library open) overdue charge per CD: 25p (maximum charge £3)

DVDs and videos

  • Band 1 one week hire: £1 (maximum charge £2)
  • Band 2 and 3 one week hire: £2 (maximum charge £4)

Requests and reservations for books, sound recordings and Classic Collection DVDs

  • City residents: free
  • Non-residents: £1.50
  • Inter-library loans city residents: £6
  • Inter-library loans non-residents: £7

The replacement charge for inter-library loan items is set by the supplying library authority and may be significant. In the event of loss or damage the charge will be passed on to the borrower.

Public computer access

  • Non-library members: £2 per half hour

Computer printouts

  • Black and white A4: 20p and A3: 50p
  • Colour A4: 50p and A3: £2

Fax - A4 only. Costs per page

  • United Kingdom: £1
  • Europe/World: £2.50
  • To receive: 75p

Books on loan to adults (16+ years)

  • Three week loan period
  • Daily (library open) overdue charge per book: 25p
  • Maximum charge per overdue book: £3
  • Age 60+ years:no charge for overdue books

Books on loan to children and young people (0-15 years)

  • Three week loan period
  • No charge for overdue books.

Please make every effort to return books on time.

Replacement charges for lost or damaged books

If items are lost or damaged, you may be required to pay replacement charges.

The standard charges are:

  • Adult fiction hardback: £18
  • Adult fiction paperback: £6
  • Adult non-fiction hardback: £20
  • Adult non-fiction paperback: £10
  • CD: £7.50
  • Child hardback: £10
  • Child paperback: £6
  • DVD: £15

Replacement charge for lost library cards

  • Adults: no charge at the moment
  • Under 16 years: no charge at the moment

If you have any queries about Leicester Library charges, please don't hesitate to ask.

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