Running the city

At a time when the council is faced with unprecedented budget reductions and increasing pressures across many services, running the city requires a clear direction and determined focus.

Further information

With a Labour majority, the council has adopted the Labour manifesto 'Building a strong future for our city' as the basis for the policies for the council during my second term and in order to focus the activity of council services.

This manifesto is a clear statement of the intent and focuses on nine key areas:

  • Building a strong future for our children and young people
  • Leicester: a caring city
  • Healthy Leicester
  • Leicester: building a strong future for our economy
  • Connected Leicester
  • Love Leicester:¬†building pride in our neighbourhood and stronger communities
  • Leicester: a low carbon and sustainable city
  • Leicester: a city of culture and;
  • Leicester: a strong future for everyone.


Key strategy documents