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Spending review programme

My spending review programme aims to make substantial reductions in the city council's spending as a consequence of huge government funding cuts.

Further information

The government has made substantial reductions in our funding since 2010, with grant cuts of over £100m per year between 2010 and 2017 (50 per cent in real terms). We know there are further cuts to come.

Due to increasing levels of demand for social care, the brunt of cuts is falling on the rest of our services. The amount available for other services is falling by around two thirds over 10 years. This includes services such as street cleaning, libraries, children's centres, parks, refuse collection, sports centres, museums, road and footpath maintenance, and support to voluntary and community groups.

Because of the way we have managed the budget, we have bought ourselves time to look properly at services, and make savings in a planned way. This avoids the need to make urgent cuts to balance the budget in any given year.

What we're doing

The spending review programme is the means by which we are now making savings, and we are trying to save nearly £50 million per year through this programme. The programme involves looking in detail at our key areas of service. Decisions to save money which have been taken are available from the links below.

You can download information about all the outstanding work at the bottom of the page. Before I make decisions, I will consult those who will be affected by proposals and seek their views. 

Even if the spending review programme succeeds in saving £50 million per year, it is clear that more will need to be done by 2019/20. 

Decisions and reports

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Parks and open spaces

Supporting the voluntary and community sector (vcs)


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