Coronavirus in Leicester

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Changes to parking rules and vehicle information for social care staff

Information on car parking, MOT exemptions and relaxation of parking restrictions for NHS and social care staff during the coronavirus outbreak.

Further information

Government to provide free parking for NHS and social care staff

All NHS trusts will provide free car parking to NHS staff for the duration of coronavirus. Further information is available at GOV.UK

MOT exemptions for vehicle owners

Temporary MOT exemptions will enable vital services to continue, frontline workers to get to work, and people to get essential food and medicine during the COVID-19 outbreak. Find out further information at GOV.UK

Relaxation of parking restrictions

Parking restrictions are being relaxed in Leicester to support people who are providing much needed support. Our priority is to ensure that emergency services, healthcare and community support workers and delivery vehicles can carry out their duties as quickly and easily as possible.

Civil enforcement officers will:

  • Approach every situation from a stance of ‘how can we help?’. They will facilitate community support as opposed to penalising bad parking
  • Maintain traffic flow on key arterial routes and around key sites (such as Leicester Royal Infirmary, Glenfield Hospital, supermarket entrances)
  • Stop enforcement in residential areas, with the exception of enforcing where dangerous parking is taking place (for example, cars parked on junction corners and which are impeding emergency vehicles)
  • Be tolerant of community aid “mercy” missions, such as non-residents visiting/delivering food/other support to people in residents parking zones.
  • Not issue PCNs to liveried public service vehicles (council vehicles, NHS vehicles and so on)
  • Relax loading and unloading restrictions for all delivery vehicles, unless they are dangerously parked
  • Require vehicles that are dangerously parked or causing severe obstruction and blocking emergency vehicle passage to move rather than issue a PCN.

These arrangements will be under constant review, so check back for changes.

Leicester Bike Aid - support for essential workers

Do you need a free bike loan to continue working? Essential workers can apply for this by emailing and putting 'RIDE LEICESTER BIKE AID' as the header. In the email, please state your required size (small, medium or large) and your gender.

You will then be contacted by one of the Ride Leicester Bike Aid team. Please note that there is limited supply available for this opportunity.

Several bike shops across Leicester are also providing free bike checks for key workers. This will continue until the lockdown ends. You can find a timetable showing when participating shops are offering this on the Choose How You Move website.