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Volunteer agreement

The volunteer agreement informs you what you can expect from us and what we need from you as a volunteer so that reasonable expectations are clear to both parties. It is not a contract or enforceable obligation.

Volunteers make a valuable contribution to life in Leicester both through roles within Leicester City Council (LCC) and the wider community. A volunteer is someone who chooses to commit their time and energy to a project for the benefit of others. This is given freely without expectation of financial reward or mutual obligation. A volunteer is not an employee, a worker or a contractor and there is no contractual relationship between the two parties.

What we will do for you

You will be given an induction and relevant training, as appropriate for the volunteering role you are undertaking.

You will be given a supervisor who will be your point of contact and support you through your experience with us.

The standards expected in the volunteering activity will be clearly explained to you and you will be encouraged to maintain them.

We value diversity and are committed to treating you in line with our equal opportunities policy.

We will make sure you are insured while carrying out your volunteer role as approved and authorised by us.

We will make sure you are aware of safeguarding policies relevant to your volunteering role, as well as data protection guidance and policies.

We will inform you of relevant procedures, guidelines and policies for health and safety to support you to operate in a healthy and safe environment.

If you have any complaints whilst volunteering with us, these will be efficiently and fairly resolved.

We will give you as much notice as possible if the volunteering opportunity is no longer available and signpost you to other opportunities.

What we need from you

To perform the volunteer role reliably and to the best of your ability.

To abide by the our code of conduct for volunteers.

To complete any training needed for you to carry out the volunteering role, including reading policies and guidance we share with you.

To volunteer on the agreed dates and times, giving as much notice as possible if you are unable to attend.

To be aware of your responsibilities for your own health and safety and your colleagues’.

To let your supervisor know with as much notice as possible when you no longer want to continue in your volunteering role.

To inform your supervisor of any new convictions, cautions, reprimands or final warnings within two weeks of their occurrence.

To advise your supervisor of any changes to your health which could impact on your ability to carry out your volunteering role.

Expenses policy

Volunteering opportunities are available with various departments in the council and each department has its own policy for paying expenses. Your volunteer co-ordinator will inform you about the relevant policy for your volunteer opportunity.