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Flexible working arrangements

We try to be flexible with working locations and support flexible working as an organisation. We do this in a number of ways.

Flexi time

Most of our jobs allow for flexibility over the working day, so employees can vary their starting and finishing times to suit personal needs and subject to the needs of the council. You could ‘earn’ up to 13 extra days off work under the scheme.

Part-time working

Depending on your role you may be able to work part of the day or part of the week.

Job share

We regard all posts as potentially open to job share. Where a post is shared by two people this will involve them working up to 16 hours per week. This allows two people to share the duties and responsibilities of one full time job. It gives working parents the chance to carry on working in their careers at reduced hours.

Term-time working

Each service area will identify any posts which are appropriate to term time working. This allows employees to remain on permanent contracts as either full or part-time staff, but gives them the ability to take unpaid leave during the school holidays.

Hot desking

We encourage our staff to have the flexibility on using work space wherever that may be as a shared resource across teams.

Home working

We give our staff the opportunity to work from home either on a permanent basis or as and when there is a need due to domestic or health reasons.