Early help remodelling

Find out about our proposed changes to the way we deliver early help (0-19) services through the children centres and the grant funding of the adventure playgrounds.

Further information

Following the completion of the public consultation, a decision has been made on early help services and children, young people and families centres in Leicester.

Further information can be found on our consultation website.

What we are doing

We are proposing to make changes to our early help services and the grant funding of the adventure playgrounds. A consultation took place between 14 September and 6 December, which involved service users, members of the public, staff, partner organisation and referral agencies. We would like to thank everyone who took part.

We now need to look at what people told us in the consultation and make a decision about implementing the proposed changes.

You can find the 'Early help remodelling project - key stages and dates 2016 - 2017' document below for the current project timeline. This replaces information provided in the briefings attached below.

Why we're proposing changes

The reason behind these proposed changes is that the grant we receive from the government has fallen by almost 50 per cent since 2010 and we need to make further cuts of £55 million by 2019. This is on top of the £100 million of savings we have already made.

Early help remodelling is part of a wide-ranging spending review that is looking at services across the council. The September 2016 Briefing below explains the reasons for the proposed changes in more detail.

The Early Help Remodelling Project Board, which is led by the strategic director, is responsible for overseeing the work to develop proposals and undertake consultation. The work of the board is supported by a comprehensive communication plan, which is also available below.

Please email us with any questions or requests for information.