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Apply to become an ECO4 Flex installer

If you are interested in providing energy efficiency improvements under the ECO Flex scheme within the city of Leicester, you will need to submit a registration form along with supporting documents.

What documents will I need to provide?

Please ensure you have the following ready to upload when applying:  

  • PAS2030/2035 certification
  • TrustMark registration
  • Gas Safe Registration (if installing gas appliances)
  • MCS certification (if installing renewables)
  • Copy of your direct funding access agreement with an energy supplier
  • Copies of your quality management and customer satisfaction policies
  • Copies of your data protection policies
  • Copies of insurance policies
  • List of other local authority areas you are or have been delivering ECO3 or ECO4 in and any references you have from these council’s (if any).

How to apply

Please fill in the form below, attach it along with all of the required documents and email it all to

How will I know if my application is successful?

If your registration form is approved, you will be issued with the privacy notice and data sharing agreement for signing.

Once the signed agreement has been returned, checked and signed by us you will be issued with a copy of our ECO Flex resident assessment form.

You will be responsible for completing the ECO Flex resident assessment form with the householder and submitting it to us along with copies of supporting evidence you have collected from the householder (e.g. proof of income, council tax benefit etc.).

Are there any fees involved?

There is an administration fee of £50 per address you submit for assessment under this scheme. This will be charged for all applications, including those we can’t provide a declaration for due to the household not qualifying or the address being in an area outside our boundary.

This fee must be paid by you and must not in any circumstances be passed onto the householders receiving assistance from the scheme.

We will invoice you for the fees quarterly with payments expected within 30 days.

Terms and conditions

You will be responsible for explaining to the householder that ECO Flex is a private sector led scheme and that funding for improvements is awarded by energy suppliers.

Householders must be made aware that Leicester City Council has limited involvement in the scheme and is not responsible for issuing the funding, appointing contractors, installing or checking the quality of works.

You must not use council branding or suggest that you are working on the council’s behalf. The use of the council’s name is expressly forbidden.

You must leave the householder with your company contact details, including a named contact, phone number and email address, and advise the householder that all enquires relating to their application should be made directly to you and not the council.

Upon completion of installs you must leave the householder with details of any relevant guarantees/warranties and associated paperwork.


All installers and representatives working on their behalf, including self-employed lead generators, must fully comply with all the requirements set out above and within the data sharing agreement.

Any installer found in breach of these requirements will have their registration revoked and will no longer receive LA Flex Declarations from us.


You will be required to provide a quarterly summary of all work undertaken, including numbers/types of measures installed, location of each measure, date of installation, EPC band improvements, CO2 savings achieved and information on measures that did not proceed and the reason why.

Instructions on how to submit the reporting will be provided upon successful registration.

Get in touch

For further enquires please contact us at: