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Get Growing Grant

The Get Growing Grant scheme is a pot of money to help more people to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Anyone can apply – you can be an existing group, or someone looking to start up a new activity or project in your local area.

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is a fun and healthy way to fill your plate. It can help cut the carbon footprint of your food, boost your mood and your health, and give you a chance to get involved with your local community.

There is £1,000 available in each ward across the city. Bids for less than £250 will be fast tracked.

Plan your scheme, then complete an application form telling us telling us how your activity or project will encourage more people to grow their own food. You can find the application at the bottom of this page. The scheme is part of Leicester's Food Plan which aims to make Leicester a healthy and sustainable food city.

How can I spend the money?

You can spend the money any way you want as long as it encourages people to start growing their own food. For example, you could use the grant to buy seeds, tools, rent an allotment or publicise events to get more people growing.

More information on the criteria you will need to meet is available in the document at the bottom of this page titled 'Get Growing Grant - guidance.'

The application process

Please download our guidance document for full details of the application process. If you think your project or activity meets the application criteria, please download the application form at the bottom of this page.

Please email us your completed application form.

What happens next?

Your application will be reviewed and if it is approved we’ll let you know as soon as possible so you can start spending your money. You’ll need to promote your activity or project to encourage people to get involved. After six months you’ll need to fill in an evaluation report to let us know how you got on, and how many people you managed to get growing. The evaluation can be found at the bottom of this page.

More information on what happens after you receive your funding is available in the guidance document.