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Homelessness Partnerships

Partnership working is crucial to preventing homelessness, and to supporting people who are homeless to move on into settled accommodation.

Leicester’s homelessness strategy will continue to focus on preventing homelessness and breaking the cycle of homelessness, to prevent people from becoming homeless. You can view the Leicester homelessness strategy 2018-2023 on the following link:

A new model was agreed, and this is set out in the following report:

At the heart of these new arrangements are two key partnerships, the Leicester Homelessness Partnership and the Homelessness Reference Group.

Leicester Homelessness Partnership (LHP)

The role of the Leicester Homelessness Partnership is to act as a ‘programme board’ to implement the Homelessness Strategy 2012-13. The role and membership of the LHP is set out in the following document:

Currently, the key provider seats on the partnership are vacant. They will be filled in January 2014 once the outcomes of new commissioning exercises are completed.

Homelessness Reference Group

The role of the Homelessness Reference Group is to provide a forum for communication and collaboration between stakeholder organisations involved in homelessness work in Leicester. Membership is open to all stakeholders involved in  tackling homelessness in the city, including representatives of and advocates for homeless people themselves.

The role and membership of the Homelessness Reference Group is set out in the below link:

Please find attached below this page, for the minutes of the last two meetings we had.