To Let boards control

A Regulation 7 Direction gives control on the number of To Let boards in areas of the city, where there are high numbers of boards on display.

Further information

We submitted the application in June 2016 to the Secretary of State. If successful, planning permission will have to be applied for and granted before a letting board can be displayed.

Why do we want to control the display of boards?

The reason for seeking a direction is that the number of letting boards on residential properties have become excessive in parts of the city. This occurs where there are high numbers of rented accommodation and this is having a negative impact on the visual aspects in neighbourhoods. Local residents have raised concerns that the quality of the residential environment is declining as a result of the boards, and this is impacting on the housing market.

We have been trying to tackle the issue for a number of years and in November 2013, a Voluntary Code of Practice was introduced. Unfortunately, this has not been successful in reducing the number of boards on display.

Which areas would be covered by the Regulation 7 Direction?

  • Clarendon Park
  • West End
  • Knighton Fields
  • South Fields

Although boards are already required to be removed three weeks after a property has been let, this requirement is often ignored. As a result, streets have boards up all year round with some properties displaying To Let boards for a long period of time. The high numbers and constant presence result in the boards becoming an unavoidable part within the local landscape, and harmful to the visual aspects of the areas.

Consultation period

A consultation on the issue was held between 26 March 2015 and 24 April 2015, where people were asked about the impact the boards were having and what measures could control them. You can read more on the consultation by following the link below:

We formally considered the evidence and consultation responses to the proposed Regulation 7 Direction, at the Planning and Development Control Committee on 17 February 2016. We decided to seek the Secretary of States approval to require all letting boards on residential properties within the area to require advertisement consent.

Comments on the proposal

We invited comments on the proposed Regulation 7 Direction, which were sent to the Secretary of State between October and 8 November 2016.

Report appendices

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