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Leicester Community Safety Partnership Plan

Leicester Community Safety Partnership (CSP) aims to serve all of its communities effectively. Our renewed Community Safety Plan for 2024–2027 sets out our strategic priorities and delivery themes and how the partnership brings together people, agencies and resources to make Leicester a safer place to live, work and visit.

The Community Safety Partnership priorities have been updated after consultation with the community, the Community Safety Partnership members, key partners and stakeholders. We have updated the plan in line with local and national concerns.

The Community Safety Partnership has a statutory requirement to:

  1. Produce an annual assessment
  2. Prepare and implement a partnership plan
  3. Establish information sharing agreements
  4. Establish Domestic Homicide Reviews

The Leicester Community Safety Partnership will work together to reduce crime, disorder and vulnerability so individuals and communities in Leicester feel safe, and are safe in their homes, on the streets and in the places they go.

The partnership: Responsible authorities/attendees

  • Leicester City Council - Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner
  • Leicestershire Police - East Midlands Ambulance Service
  • Leicester Fire & Rescue Service - Voluntary Sector
  • National Probation Service (merged with CRC) - Violence Reduction Network
  • Leicester Clinical Commissioning Group

Other co-operating bodies, boards and services, including those with charitable status, may be invited to attend the meetings.

We expect our Leicester Community Safety Partnership partners to:

  1. Align relevant service delivery to the priorities
  2. Manage threat risk and harm via a process of regular review and challenge
  3. Identify, support and deliver programmes of activity that have direct impact on individuals, families and communities
  4. Ensure value for money through cost effective delivery of projects funded by the Community Safety Partnership having regard to evidence-based needs assessments, equality and sustainability.
  5. Ensure cross-cutting themes are included throughout workstreams
  6. Have regard to the Police and Crime Plan for Leicester

The Leicester Community Safety Partnership presides over a number of different work-streams, operational groups and joint action groups (JAGs) whose actions are driven by the priorities that have been identified. Funding is available from the Community Safety Partnership to support these groups and organisations, which provide a clear link between the funding required and the outcomes needed to support delivery of a priority.

The theme lead for each priority area reports into the Community Safety Partnership upon delivery using a template document for consistency which includes our cross cutting themes. There is also a requirement to provide key performance data so that we are able to view and measure success and work with the theme lead to tackle any challenges they face in delivering their area of work.

Partners within the Leicester Community Safety Partnership are committed to communicating its success, outcomes and results publicly through social messaging, press, radio and other media.

Communications officers from our partner organisations will continue to work with strategic leads to ensure messages are shared and they will actively support work in the priority areas. Engagement takes place in numerous forums throughout the Community Safety Partnership, locally at ward meetings and then with more specific focus in joint action groups (JAG) where relevant subjects are discussed and feedback sought with a wide range of community representatives. There is an annual event for partners, stakeholders and communities to attend.

The Leicester Community Safety Partnership will undertake a review of priorities annually to ensure that we are able to recognise and respond to emerging themes or issues.

The priorities for 2024 have been identified using the expertise of the community, Leicester Community Safety Partnership members, elected members and key stakeholders alongside reviewing key data sets. The eight strategic priorities for Leicester are:

  1. Stronger communities
  2. Public place violence
  3. Nighttime economy
  4. Drugs and alcohol
  5. Crime and anti-social behaviour
  6. Reducing offending and reoffending
  7. Domestic and sexual violence
  8. Hate crime

Underneath each of these priorities there are a number of delivery themes. These are the mechanisms and measurements we will use to monitor our outputs, progress and success, identifying areas for development or intervention.

Each theme has an allocated lead officer who will complete the monitoring form and the local statistics required to ensure that the partnership can effectively scrutinise performance.

Delivery themes

Stronger Communities

  • Work with partners to understand new and emerging communities
  • Involve young people in problem-solving
  • Integrate educational settings in community practice
  • Empower and engage communities
  • Check and review multi-agency processes that support cohesion

Public place violence

  • Implement the new Serious Violence Duty at CSP level
  • Prevent and reduce serious violence in the nighttime economy
  • Reduce serious violence occurring in hot-spot locations
  • Reduce serious violence committed by repeat and at-risk perpetrators
  • Prevent and reduce violence affecting children and young people (with particular focus on after-school)

Nighttime economy

  • Help create and maintain safe and thriving nighttime economy city locations for all visitors to enjoy, by adopting a multi-agency partnership approach and intelligence-led approach to managing the nighttime economy
  • Work in partnership with nighttime economy venues to ensure good trading standards, licensing and safety for staff and customers
  • Support BID Leicester in the initiative to provide medical support through St John's Ambulance in the city centre at night
  • To reduce alcohol-related crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour

Drugs and alcohol

  • A prevention-focussed approach which incorporates the wider determinants for drug use
  • Evidence-based treatment services that are equitable and sustainable
  • Supportive and holistic recovery
  • Reduce the causes and effects of ill health and deaths from drugs

Crime and anti-social behaviour

  • Reduce crime and anti-social behaviour through the Community Safety Tactical Group 

Reducing offending and reoffending

  • We will target persistent offenders through a partnership approach with the boards that oversee offending and reoffending rates
  • Work with and support the local authority's Children and Young People Justice Service to strengthen early intervention to divert young people away from the risk of entering the youth justice system.
  • Ensure the Adult Vulnerability Board and the Youth Justice management Board have a strong link with the Community Safety Partnership

Domestic and sexual violence

  • Increase accessibility and sustainability of safe accommodation
  • Reduce harmful effect of domestic abuse and sexual violence across all populations
  • Increase accessibility of community domestic abuse and sexual violence services
  • Develop a violence against women and girls' strategy

Hate crime

  • Raising awareness of what hate crimes and incidents are, and how to report them
  • Improving the partnership response to hate crimes and incidents
  • Identifying and understanding new and emerging communities and issues within localities and communities
  • Supporting localities to further improve community cohesion by reassuring, strengthening and educating communities

Each lead officer also has to ensure that their theme is delivering across a number of strategic cross-cutting themes. We know that these cross cutting themes are key components in the tackling of crime and anti-social behaviour and support vulnerable adults and children.

Cross-cutting themes

  • Prevention and early intervention
  • Reducing reoffending
  • Mental health
  • Substance misuse

Our partnership plan has allowed us to identify and listen to, involve and act on the concerns of the people in Leicester and their representatives. In addition to ensuring that we monitor progress on our priorities we will be spending the next 12 months reviewing our processes so that we can continue to act on what matters to local people, and we'll use statistics to target resources where they are most required.

During the life of this plan, the Community Safety Partnership is driving forward a new focus on wider communication so that the work undertaken by the partnership is shared openly and often. That will include campaign material, review of our website and use of social media by the partnership.

Our partnership is strong, working together and engaging with our communities. We will seek to identify concerns early and act to tackle, reassure and tell communities what we have done to make a difference to them.