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Domiciliary (home) care for adults

Information for organisations who are providing, or are planning to provide domiciliary (home) care for adults in Leicester.

Where are we now?

In 2019-2020 just over 1,800 people in Leicester received domiciliary care that was commissioned by the council. The number of hours commissioned in this period was just under 270,000. This was an increase from previous years in the number of people being given domiciliary care, and the complexity and size of packages has also increased. The increase is partly because we have an ageing population, many of whom are living longer but with ill-health or disability, and also because of the ongoing move towards supporting people to remain at home rather than moving into residential care.

We commission this service on behalf of Leicester Clinical Commissioning Group CCG as well as for people supported by the council. and as a result, we buy a range of support packages to meet the needs of people with social care and with health care needs.

We also commission a ‘rapid response’ Hospital Bridging Service, which provides a short- term domiciliary care service on the same day as hospital discharge. This enables a patient who needs care at home to leave hospital on the day they are medically fit for discharge rather than having to wait until their longer-term package of care is arranged.

Where are we going?

We monitor and forecast demand for domiciliary care very closely.  It is likely that the number of hours of domiciliary support needed will increase as more people choose to remain at home for longer. In addition, people using domiciliary care will continue to have higher needs as they will choose to and be supported to stay at home rather then move into residential care .

What this means for providers

We reopen the Domiciliary Support Service framework contract whenever it appears that current demand starts to exceed current capacity. This means that organisations will have opportunities to bid to be one of our providers. The framework was last reopened in December 2020. Providers are invited to contact us to discuss opportunities going forward and to gain an understanding of the type of services that are needed.

What we want to see from all providers of domiciliary care in Leicester, whether commissioned by ourselves or not, are services that:

  • put the person receiving support in control as much as possible;
  • are sensitive to and respond effectively to diversity;
  • focus on recovery and reablement and support independence;
  • make the most of people’s strengths and their family and community connections;
  • deliver good quality support to people with high levels of need; and
  • provide a high quality of support to people who use direct payments and to self-funders, as well as those that receive care that we have commissioned.

Other useful information for providers

Domiciliary support services are regulated services and as such are subject to rigorous contract monitoring by ourselves and the Care Quality Commission (CQC). You may find it useful to find out more about what the CQC requires by contacting them direct. Services that we commission are also required to comply with a Quality Assessment Framework. Contact us to find out more about what would be required to meet our standards under the framework.

Commissioned services make up only a part of the wider support market in Leicester which has a large number of direct payment users as well as self- funders accessing services.

We also encourage all service providers register their service on the Leicester MyChoice website which will help them promote it to both the public and professionals.

Bernice Lynch, Domiciliary Care Quality Development Manager
Beverley White, Lead Commissioner