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Residential and nursing care for adults

Information for organisations who are providing, or are planning to provide residential and/or nursing care services for adults in Leicester.

Where are we now?

Historically there has been, and continues to be, an over reliance in Leicester on residential care, especially for those people with a learning disability or mental health support need. This is generally more expensive than supporting people to live in the community, but more importantly often prevents people from reaching their full potential and can result in people becoming isolated from their families and community.

Where are we going?

However, residential and nursing care will continue to be an appropriate solution for some people because of their complex or specialist needs. The aspiration is to have a range of services which offer people choice and control by increasing the opportunities for all vulnerable adults to live independently within the many communities in Leicester. This will promote independence and improve the quality of life and outcomes for all.

Changing demand and changing commissioning arrangements will mean that there will be a shift towards a more diverse market with opportunities for providers to offer more creative, non-traditional service models of residential care. The move towards better integration of social care and health services also challenges providers to look at ways in which they can meet both health and social care needs in a seamless way.

In future, providers will need to be able to respond to trends such as:

  • high demand for placements at local authority banded rates for a range of needs;
  • increases in the number of people with dementia and/or challenging behaviour;
  • the need for specialisation, such as step-down and step-up support;
  • the need for a continuum of care with mixed provision (for example combining housing with care); and
  • the need to make the most of technological advances (through better use of assistive technology).

The number of placements that we commission is reducing as people want to remain at home for as long as is safely possible. However, there is a need for more care for certain groups: These are:

  • people with dementia;
  • people with complex physical needs;
  • people with learning disability with high level behavioural challenges;
  • respite for young adults; and
  • Asian lifestyle homes.

What this means for providers

We welcome discussions with local care home providers about opportunities to:

  • develop an emergency respite scheme;
  • meet same day hospital discharge requirements;
  • provide a number of short term assessment beds which can offer a domestic type setting;
  • deliver a model of care and accommodation that offers a range of options for people if their care needs increase. For example: day care; respite; residential, nursing; and end of life care;
  • provide good quality care at local authority banded rates;
  • deliver good quality care and support to people with high levels of need; and
  • improve the promotion of services to self-funders.

Michelle Larke, Lead Commissioner