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Supported and independent living for adults

Information for organisations who are providing, or are planning to provide supported and independent living services for adults in Leicester.


Our Supported Living and Extra Care Strategy (PDF) outlines our plans and priorities from now until 2031.

Where are we now?

Our intention for supported living services is to commission high quality, outcomes focussed support services for people who would benefit from living independently with support in place to help them do that.

We have recently procured a new set of arrangements for the delivery of care and support across supported living which will start in July 2021.

In Leicester this support is provided to people with learning disabilities; mental health problems; physical and/or sensory disabilities and older people. We also recognise the needs of other groups, including young people transitioning into adult social care, people with a dual diagnosis of both mental health problems and substance misuse, and people being supported under the Transforming Care programme.

We are working closely with the market to support them through the COVID-19 pandemic to continue service delivery and provide support during the roll out of the testing and vaccination programmes.

Where are we going?

Our new arrangements under the service that is starting in early July 2021 will support the help improve care and support pathways for adults age 18 and over who have a learning disability, mental health needs, physical and sensory disabilities and/or other complex needs, including autism. This will ensure that there is a unified pathway. This model has been informed through extensive consultation with people accessing supported living services and their families.

Our Supported Living and Extra Care Strategy (PDF) outlines our plans and priorities from now until 2031.

Our priorities for this year will be to:

  • embed and monitor the new arrangements for care and support services in supported living;
  • support the market during the COVID-19 pandemic; and
  • continue to work with other officers in the authority to develop accommodation.

What this means for providers?

We continue to have ongoing dialogue and continuous performance monitoring with the supported living market to support them in the delivery of care and support.

We are now accepting Expressions of Interest from those wishing to offer accommodation in the City. Please refer to our Supported Living and Extra Care Strategy prior to submitting your Expression of Interest, as this outlines what sorts of accommodation we require. We can clearly advise that we have no requirement for shared housing as there is no demand for such provision.

Other useful information for providers

Care and support services in supported living are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). This means that any business wanting to provide these services must be registered with the CQC.


If you have any questions about supplying supported and independent living services to Leicester City Council, please contact Caroline Ryan at