Local flood risk management strategy

We are a lead local flood authority and are responsible for producing, maintaining, applying and monitoring a local flood risk management strategy.

Further information

This forms the framework we use to engage local communities in developing local flood risk management decisions, and explains how we support them to become better informed about flood risk issues.

Deciding on the strategy

A stakeholder’s consultation event was held before the strategy was made available for public viewing. We invited representatives from organisations we work alongside to help mitigate risk of flooding in Leicester and asked partners for their input and recommendations for the draft strategy.

After the event, recommendations were included into the strategy which was then released for public consultation and later approved by our executive. You can download the report below.

POWER project

We are working alongside De Montfort University and 12 other international partners on the POWER project (Political and social awareness on water environmental challenges). This EU funded project is looking at various water-related challenges, with the aim of increasing awareness of these key water issues and sharing best practices.

The project will look at four key water issues across four cities:

  • Leicester: extreme weather events & flooding
  • Sabadell: water quality
  • Milton Keynes: water quantity
  • Jerusalem: water conservation.

What is the aim of this project in Leicester?

The main goal of the POWER project in Leicester is to promote awareness of extreme weather events and associated flooding by providing information and practical guidance in addition to real time river water levels and predictive warnings.

This will be done through a digital social platform where users will be able to assess their potential risk of flooding through online tools, increasing individual and collective awareness.

The actions of the POWER project will enable:

  • The development of more effective local policies and climate change governance
  • Local communities to learn new practices, create new capacities and develop local strategies in response to climate mitigation and adaptation.

You can find out more about the project on the POWER website.

Participate in discussions and give your opinions by joining Leicester’s online water community.