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Sent us an application or email?

If you have have received an automatic acknowledgment after submitting an application or email, please do not try and call us – we will respond to you as soon as we can.

Street trading

Any street trading in Leicester, including peddling, requires a street trading consent. The policy affects all streets and public places in Leicester.

How much does a street trading consent cost?

Fees for street trading applications are reviewed each year, with changes usually taking effect from April onwards. The last review of fees took effect on 1 June 2018. The fee must be submitted with the application.

Applying for a new consent

A plan must show the exact location where the applicant proposes to trade. Applications may be made for a consent to last for three or 12 months. In certain circumstances we will accept applications for limited consents if they're associated with specific events. Contact us for advice before applying for a limited duration consent. To apply use the quick link above.

Renewing an existing consent

An application to renew an existing street trading consent must be made at least one calendar month before it is due to expire. If a consent is not renewed in time, the previous consent may lapse and street trading will not be permitted. To apply use the quick link above.

Transferring an existing consent

A street trading consent may only be transferred on application to us. An application form is attached below. It must be submitted with the original consent and the appropriate fee.

Processing your application

Following receipt of a valid application for street trading consent, we will consult with various people, including:

  • police
  • highways
  • noise control
  • the headteacher of any school in the vicinity.

A public notice will be displayed on site inviting members of the public to make any comments.

A minimum of two weeks will be allowed for comments to be made. The matter will then be referred to the licensing committee for a decision. The whole process may take up to two months from receipt of a valid application. No street trading may take place until a consent has been granted.