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What carers and children say

Children enjoying pizza

If you’re thinking about fostering, an insight into what it’s like may be helpful. Read what our foster carers and children have to say about foster care.

What our carers say

“When Amy first came to us, she’d never speak. Now we can’t shut her up. She’s the life and soul of our family.”

“The best bit of the day is when we all sit round the telly together having a laugh.”

“I’ve got a piece of pottery on top of my telly. It might not look that great to some people. But to me it’s a masterpiece. It was made for me at school by the first child I fostered and I will treasure it forever.”

"I must admit I like the house to be full again after my own children have grown up. It takes children to make a happy family home – to fill the house with life and interest. Our house is hectic some of the time. Or it’s hilarious. Never boring.”

“Just looking in on the girls first thing. Checking they’re okay. It’s the reason I get up in the morning. I can’t wait.”

“Since I started fostering, I have enjoyed the training courses you can go on. You get to meet really nice people who foster as well. The things I’ve learned mean I can do a lot more for the children I look after. It also makes fostering more fun and rewarding for me. We knew we had space for a child in our hearts as well as in our house, so it's win win for the children and us!”

What our children say

“Thank you for everything you have done and for making me one of your family.” xxx Katie (9)

“We go out to places. We are a family and we treat each other like one. Our foster carers take good care of us and help us with things. We have lots of fun and if we have any worries we can talk to them.”

“I like everything about my foster home. I like days out. And I love Jean (my carer) and Toffie (Jean’s dog).”

“Marie you were my foster mummy for two years. Thank you for the love and care you gave me. We had our ups and downs, but this card has special words to say I loved you like my own mum.”

“Thank you for everything. Going to miss you.”

“My foster family are very very loving people to have as a family and you get to do lots of fun things like go to the park, do judo, play out. But I love them no matter what we do. If you are like my foster family then you will be a good foster family too.”

"Dear Sue and Pete,

Thank you for looking after me and my brother. I am sending you a picture I drew of when you took us to the zoo and made us laugh. We are back with mummy now and very happy. We will always remember you.

Love from Zoe (8) and Chris (6) xxx"

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