Help for young carers

If you’re a young person who is caring for a family member, we will try to support you as much as possible with specialised help and advice.

Further information

Young people who regularly look after a family member sometimes don’t think of themselves as carers, and don't realise help and support is available.

We define a carer as anyone who cares for, supports or supervises a relative because of disability, chronic illness, mental health difficulties or problems with drugs or alcohol misuse.

Help for young carers

We will try to help young carers by sharing some of their care commitments, helping them to have time off and to make plans for when they cannot provide their usual support.

We encourage young people to use Leicester's specialist young carers service CareFree, which is provided by Barnardo's.


An assessment may be needed to decide what type and level of support is needed. 

The person receiving the care will also be assessed to make sure they are getting sufficient help, and make sure the young carer’s role is not excessive in the light of their age and their own needs.

If you are a young carer, you may be entitled to services in your own right.

How to ask for our help

If you, or someone you know, is a young carer and needs some extra help and support, please write to us at 91 Granby Street, Leicester, LE1 6FB.

Elsewhere on the web

  • Carers Trust is an online service where you can join an online community to discuss your experiences with other young carers.
  • NHS Choices has a dedicated section with information for young carers.