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Supported living

Supported living means that you are supported to live in the way that you want. We can help people to live in their homes and community.

Supported living offers a range of accommodation options to people who use social care services, providing greater choice and independence, supporting you to live in a place you call home doing what matters to you and living in the way that you want to.

How we can help

We will work with you to consider options and support your choices. Referrals to the team are made via your allocated social worker or social care practitioner.

Finding accommodation and moving is recognised as a stressful event in life. We support you through the whole process:

  • assisting you to identify options
  • viewing different properties
  • weighing up the pros and cons of each
  • making housing applications
  • meeting the support providers
  • tenancy sign-ups
  • preparing and coordinating the move with you.

Support services

We have a variety of support services tailored to what matters to you:

  • Enablement services support people living with a learning disability/or a mental health condition to participate in everyday activities.
  • Living well services support people aged 50 plus years and/or those with physical and sensory disabilities to lead healthy and fulfilling lives, maximising the opportunity for continued independence.
  • Specialist services support people with complex needs to live in their own homes.
  • Recovery services for people with complex mental health to recover and live independently.

What can support providers help with?

We have lots of different organisations that we call support providers. They can offer services to achieve what matters to you, for example:

  • understand what is available locally in your community.
  • know your rights.
  • support choice and control in your life.
  • increase your independence.
  • be safe and secure in your home.
  • budget your money well.
  • access a wide range of employment, education, volunteering and or leisure opportunities and activities.
  • maintain family and friendship connections and enjoy your social life.
  • access health services

Accommodation options

We have a range of accommodation options including:

  • Schemes – these are a group of properties located within one building with access to communal areas and usually with onsite support available.
  • Cluster properties – these are individual properties located within a community, all receiving floating support from the same Support Provider.
  • Shared houses - where you share a house with other people, you would have your own bedroom but share communal living spaces.
  • Individual tenancies - is an independent property where you live alone and receive support in your home.

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