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Approval and permissions

Generally there is a legal requirement to get approval if you are extending, altering or erecting a building. This is to safeguard you, the general public, and any future owners of the building.

Most extensions (with the exception of some porches, conservatories or covered ways) require building regulation approval, though in some cases you may not require planning permission. It is always advisable to check with both sections, or look at the Planning Portal website for information.

All structural alterations will require approval under building regulations, and some other alterations such as reroofing, rendering, replacement windows and domestic electrical work will probably also require approval.

What is the difference between planning permission and building regulation approval?

  • Building control deals with building regulations, dangerous structures and demolitions
  • Building regulations deal with safety, health and welfare of the public, and thermal efficiency of buildingsĀ 
  • Planning deal with environmental issues, such as how the building looks, how it affects the existing property and how it affects the neighbours.

Why do I have to pay for the building regulation service ?

You only pay for our service when you use it. The building regulation section is not funded by your council tax. The plan and inspection fees cover our costs to provide the service.

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