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Bullying and harassment

Anyone can be the target of bullying. It isn't always a form of physical violence, it can also be targeted towards emotional well-being of a group or individual.

Forms of bullying

  • Physical – kicking, hitting, taking things, sexual assault
  • Verbal – name calling, shouting abuse/insults, using threatening language
  • Indirect – spreading rumours, excluding someone from groups, intimidation, writing hurtful messages
  • Cyberbullying – hurtful texts, online messages/emails, phone calls and through wider use of technology.

Where to get help and advice

If you become aware of an issue involving your child, you should  inform the school in the first instance, whether the incident occurred  within or outside of school.

Visit the websites below for more advice:

Leicester's anti-bullying policy

We aim to develop and maintain effective practice towards tackling bullying across Leicester. You can download a copy of our strategy.