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Supporting the education of children with medical needs

Guidance around the education support that children with medical conditions should receive from schools and the local authority.

The Department for Education (DfE) statutory guidance covers the education of children who are unable to attend school due to medical or other needs

It outlines the responsibilities of schools, local authorities and parents, and the legal duty of working together to support children, ensuring they remain healthy and achieve their academic potential.

Medical needs policy

Leicester City Council believes that all children and young people should be supported, through such illness, and that any risk of a negative impact on their education should be minimised through high quality alternative education provision.

All pupils, regardless of their physical and mental state of health, are entitled to access a broad and balanced curriculum. Our aim is to ensure continuity in the child’s or young person’s education by establishing close and effective liaison with the home, the school and all other parties involved in the pupil’s education and care.

The supporting the education of children with medical needs policy aims to:

  • Give guidance around responsibilities
  • Ensure learners are valued and taught appropriately
  • Ensure minimal disruption to learning for pupils involved
  • Ensure the delivery of an effective education
  • Support the successful reintegration of pupils into mainstream provision at the earliest opportunity