Schools' forum

Leicester's schools’ forum looks at the financial relationships we have with our schools, scrutinising expenditure and matters that affect school budgets.

Further information

Why is the schools' forum important?

School forums are more than just consultative bodies. They play an important role in approving certain proposals from their local authority. They are involved in the decision making process surrounding the use of public money at local level. Schools’ forums must therefore be open to the public.

How can I get involved? 

To become a member you need to be a school governor and apply when a vacancy arises in the forum elections. Members of the public can’t contribute at meetings but are welcome to attend as observers. 

Academic year 2018/19 meetings

All meetings are open to the public. They are at Soar Valley Training Centre, Gleneagles Avenue, Leicester, LE4 7GY. Meetings start at 1pm (unless specified).

Previous academic years


You can request back copies of agendas, minutes and other supporting papers. Please contact the schools’ forum clerk or call 0116 454 6231.