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Greenline electric buses

The Greenlines electric bus project, aims to improve air pollution and relieve congestion on key commuting routes into Leicester.

What's being updated?

Greenlines are a network of bus services being developed over the next two years with a range of ‘tram-like’ features:

  • fully electric – quiet, clean, smooth
  • distinctive new branding
  • on-board electric screens, free wifi and USB points at every seat
  • free park and ride sites – existing and new
  • significant bus priority measures on roads and at junctions
  • real-time arrival information at all stops
  • digital ‘best fare’ capping
  • new shelters

All Greenlines services require ongoing council funding.

Where are they currently in use?

The first services to have Greenline services are at the following three Park and Ride sites:

  • Meynells Gorse – City Centre (St Nicholas Circle)
  • Enderby – Grove Park – LRI – DMU – City Centre (St Nicholas Circle)
  • Birstall – Abbey Lane/Space Centre – City Centre (Haymarket Bus Station)

Electric buses were introduced on these services in May 2021, together with contactless ticketing. Further significant bus priority and junction improvements along Abbey Lane and Soar Valley way will complement these services over the next 18 months.

What's next?

The next funded stage sees the conversion of the Hospital Hopper to electric in Autumn 2021 in partnership with the Health Trust. This will be accompanied by two new park and ride sites at Beaumont Leys and General Hospital, new shelters, real time displays and digital ‘best fare’ capping.

The final funded stage sees the introduction of a brand new electric free city centre shuttle in Autumn 2022, linking the bus and rail stations to all main central attractions.

Funding is currently being sought to convert and improve the orbital Circleline 40 service to electric in the near future in partnership with Centrebus.

There are also plans to develop existing and new Park & Ride services across Leicester, with better frequencies and connectivity.

In addition, we are looking look to go into partnership with bus operators to enhance other key commercial bus services to electric, giving them a full ‘tram’ makeover.

However, this will all require significant additional local and national funding which we are hopeful of securing over the next 2-3 years.