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Handyperson service

We can carry out small home maintenance jobs, including repairs, security work and adaptations, through our handyperson service.

What work can be done?

Home maintenance jobs available through the service include (subject to survey):

  • Minor plumbing-leaks, dripping, tap washers
  • Woodwork - small carpentry jobs
  • Doors and windows repair - for example; ease and adjust, rehang
  • Security work - window locks, window alarms, door chains, external letterbox
  • Keysafe boxes, lock changes
  • Minor electrical work (no rewires)
  • Repair or install small fences and gates
  • Minor adaptation works, such as grab rails, external rails, stair rails
  • Chair raise and bed raise.

Who qualifies for the service?

To qualify for the service you must be either:

  • Over 60
  • Disabled
  • A single parent
  • A low income family.

What's the cost?

This is a chargeable service. The cost is based on your ability to pay. The rates are between £20 and £65 depending on the income.

Any material needed to carry out the work will be quoted for and charged accordingly.

Customers in receipt of certain means-tested benefits

  • £30 for jobs completed within first 90 minutes, or;
  • £20 per hour for jobs greater than 90 minutes

All other eligible customers

  • £65 for jobs completed within first 90 minutes or;
  • £43 per hour for jobs greater than 90 minutes

Subsidised rates only apply when proof of benefits is provided/shown before work can start.

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