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Get advice on saving a tenancy

Call Before You Serve (CB4YS) is a free support service for landlords wishing to explore ways to save a tenancy and avoid evicting tenants.

How we can help

The service offers free impartial advice on:

  • relationship mediation
  • affordability problems
  • communication issues between landlords/tenants
  • rent arrears
  • and other tenancy-related issues
  • letting your other properties.

As a landlord, you will know that many tenancy issues can easily be resolved if addressed early enough. Our team can help by facilitating positive conversations between yourself and your tenant(s) and offering practical ‘hands on’ support, including making links with key areas such as Universal Credit.

Our aim is to support both landlords and tenants to enjoy long-term, stable private rented tenancies. Good quality, stable housing improves the lives of families, allows children to achieve more from education, and generally benefit communities and the city as a whole. Landlords also benefit from long-term, stable tenancies that are easier to manage.

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