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Information for tenants

Selective licensing is used to help councils raise standards in private rented accommodation in areas that have been identified as having specific housing-related problems.

It is the responsibility of the proposed licence holder who has control of the property (usually the owner, manager or letting agent who receives the rent for the property) to apply to the council for a selective licence.

The council will only issue a licence once it is satisfied that the points listed below have been met. In the event that any of these issues not being satisfactory the council may decide to impose extra conditions on the licence or refuse the licence completely.

Criteria for a licence:

  • The proposed licence holder and proposed manager/agent (if applicable) is a 'fit and proper person'
  • The proposed licence holder is the most appropriate person to hold the licence
  • The proposed management arrangements are satisfactory
  • Persons involved in the management of the property are competent.

You can establish whether the property you live in falls within the selective licensing area by using the interactive map. If your accommodation is privately rented and falls within the designated area, your landlord or letting agent will be required to apply for a licence.

Tenants can check whether their landlord is registered via this database (updated weekly).