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Homes for people in housing need

Our private rented sector schemes give people in housing need the opportunity to move into a home of their choice.

In order to access the schemes, you must have an assessed housing need. This will normally mean you are on the housing register and/or have an allocated housing caseworker.

Usually you will be expected to find a property you are interested in renting, and approach us with details.  On occasion we can also help you search for accommodation.

We will be able to talk to the landlord and offer incentives to ensure the let can go ahead.  We can also normally reduce your initial costs by offering the landlord a deposit guarantee or a rent bond guarantee, so you do not need to find these funds ahead of signing up.

Before a property can be let under the schemes, we will carry out a series of checks to ensure that it is affordable, safe and fit for living in.

We would always make sure that the tenancy will be completely affordable to you before it can be let under the schemes.  Applicants will only be considered for the scheme if we are sure that they are capable of paying their rent regularly and in full.

If you are entitled to housing benefit, we would seek your agreement for all of the housing benefit to be paid directly to the landlord.

You will be given an assured shorthold tenancy of at least six months.

To find out more, please contact your allocated caseworker, or contact us using the details below.

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