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Your landlord's duties

Your landlord has a responsibility to make sure the accommodation you are renting is maintained to a certain standard.

This includes carrying out repairs, making sure appliances are safe to use and making sure furniture meets fire safety regulations. We can offer help and advice if you have concerns about your landlord.

Private landlords are required to ensure there is a smoke alarm on each floor of a property that is being used as living accommodation.

They will also have to ensure there is a carbon monoxide alarm in any room that contains a solid fuel burner, such as an open fire or dual-fuel stove.

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What happens if my landlord has not taken any action?

Landlords will be served with a notice requiring the installation of the necessary alarms when they fail to action on the requirement.

Failure to follow the new legislation can result in landlords facing a penalty charge of up to £5,000 and we then would carry out the works required.

Why is a risk assessment necessary?

It is important for landlords to carry out a risk assessment of the property so protective measures can be put into place. This does not only outline the early warnings of a fire but also highlights that a suitable fire escape route from the accommodation which does not include passing through a high risk room such as a living room or kitchen.


Unless the tenancy has a fixed term of more than seven years, the landlord is responsible for repairs to the structure and exterior of the property; all sanitary installations such as baths and basins, and heating and hot water installations.

Responsibility for other repairs depend on whether you have an agreement with your landlord, who is not responsible for repairing damage you have caused.

The rent the landlord charges can include a sum to cover the cost of repairs – but the landlord cannot pass this cost on to the tenant in the form of a separate service charge.


Landlords are required to ensure that all gas appliances are maintained in good order and that an annual safety check is carried out by a Gas Safe-registered engineer.

Landlords should also ensure that the electrical system and any electrical appliances they supply are safe to use. This includes cookers, kettles, toasters, washing machines and immersion heaters.

Landlords must ensure any furniture and furnishings they supply meet fire resistance requirements, unless they are letting to you on a temporary basis.


The landlord or their agent has a legal right to enter the property at a reasonable time to carry out repairs and inspect the property. They must give 24 hours’ notice of an inspection in writing.

Involved in a dispute?

We can offer you help and advice if you are involved in a dispute with your landlord or housing association. You can call us on 0116 454 1008.

An emergency number is available for private tenants to deal with harassment or illegal eviction. Call Leicestershire Police on 0116 222 2222, and ask to be connected to the council’s tenancy relations call-out service. 

We can help tenants by forcing the owner to carry out appropriate repairs and improvements, such as leaking roofs, dangerous wiring and damp. If you need help with repairs, call us on 0116 454 1001. 

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