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EU Settlement Scheme

The deadline for applying for most people was 30 June 2021. You can still apply if that deadline did not apply to you, or you have reasonable grounds for not applying by the deadline.

Some reasonable grounds are, for example, if:

  • your parent, guardian or local authority did not apply for you when you were a child
  • you have, or had, a medical condition which prevented you from applying
  • you lacked the physical or mental capacity to apply
  • you have care or support needs, or those caring for you were unaware of the deadline
  • you've been the victim of modern slavery
  • you've been in an abusive or controlling relationship
  • you did not have internet access, or access to relevant documents
  • you had difficulty accessing support to apply because of COVID restrictions.
Further information is detailed at EU Settlement Scheme: information for late applicants - GOV.UK.

Irish citizens do not need to apply to the settlement scheme, but their family members who are not British or Irish need to apply.

You can find out more on the application process and get additional support at Apply to the EU Settlement Scheme - GOV.UK or by calling the Home Office helpline on 0300 123 7379.

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