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VCSE Strategy Infrastructure Support Needs

The City Council will soon launch its new Voluntary and Community Sector Engagement (VCSE) Strategy. This strategy is the result of several months’ dialogue with those employed in, volunteering for, or receiving services from the sector. Our intention is that this strategy will reset, renew and revive our working relations with VCSE groups and organisations in Leicester.

Previously, as part of the Council’s commitment to supporting the VCSE, we have been able to help VCSE organisations with what is commonly recognised as ‘infrastructure support’. This support was previously provided through a third party, and that arrangement has now come to an end. 

In recent years more ‘self-serve’ information has became available and free to access, so that VCSE groups or organisations can help themselves. Some of that can be found through the National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)

Of course, some organisations may need more expert, detailed, or specific advice and assistance. If that is the case, the Council might be able to help. Should your group or organisation require more detailed support in pursuit of its objectives, we’d welcome the opportunity to review with you what your needs are. This can be done to begin with by completing a “needs assessment” form which can be requested from us by emailing

The assessment should take about a quarter of an hour for you to complete, and will allow us to obtain a more detailed understanding of your support needs and, where possible, help us identify how they can be met. 

Please note, this applies to VCSE sector groups and organisations based in – or primarily active in – in the city of Leicester. For those organisations based in Leicestershire or delivering services to people in the county of Leicestershire rather than the city of Leicester, we recommend you direct your request to Leicestershire County Council or their commissioned provider of support.