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Cathedral Gardens

Working with Leicester Cathedral, an outstanding garden has been built, integrating the cathedral precincts with the space adjoining St Martin's House.

The gardens provide an open space framing the cathedral, with the churchyard gardens to the east, and the Wygston gardens to the west. The area in front of the cathedral was a formal space containing a closed graveyard; however it failed to provide the cathedral with a fitting civic space, and due to its design suffered issues with antisocial behaviour.

The purpose of investing in Cathedral Gardens was to open-up this space to create an improved environment for the cathedral but also an inclusive space open to all as a garden oasis within the city centre. The significant public realm investment in Peacock Lane and St Martins has also transformed these areas into principally pedestrian spaces. The transformation of the area now provides a fitting setting for Leicester’s Cathedral, which became the final resting place for the remains of King Richard III in March 2015.

Cathedral Gardens also provides an open route across the space between the cathedral, St Martins House and the Guildhall.

The King Richard III statue has been relocated to Cathedral Gardens, so it is closer to the last Plantagenet king's final resting place. The sculpture, which originally stood in Castle Gardens, has been given pride of place in the new public garden at Leicester Cathedral.