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My vision for Leicester

In May 2023, I was honoured to be re-elected as Leicester's City Mayor. Here are my vision and priorities for this four year term.

My vision is for Leicester to be a proud, dynamic, diverse and innovative city.

A city that unifies around a shared civic pride and identity.

A city that works together to tackle the threat of the climate emergency and the injustice of social and economic inequality, and as a result becomes a safer, happier, fairer place to live and work.

Our priorities

The vision is underpinned by the following ten priorities:

Supporting people

Providing support where possible, to help the city through the cost-of-living crisis and doing what we can in the longer-term to aim to remove the need for foodbanks and energy subsidies.

Supporting communities

Working with communities and providing support to maintain Leicester’s vibrant, diverse local high streets and community facilities and organisations.

A good home

Ensuring that the city council remains the fairest landlord in the city and the largest investor in the city’s housing, through home and estate improvements, support to our tenants and those in housing need, and development and delivery of new and affordable homes. Read more about Homes for all.

A good job 

Supporting the city’s economy through our role as both employer and purchaser, and by investing in the city and attracting inward investment. Working with businesses and others across the city economy to provide secure and well-paid work.

Safe, clean streets

Working with the police and within the community to respond to concerns and support community led initiatives to make our streets and communities safer.

Climate ready

Make the right decisions easier to enable everyone, every day to help the city to move toward net zero. Offer improved, safer, easier, healthier transport and energy options for the city’s residents and businesses, and make tough decisions so the council’s estate, operations and investment lead and inspire the change needed. Read more about Sustainable Leicester.

Our well-being

Aim to reduce health inequalities and improve the quality of life and life expectancy for everyone in Leicester, focusing particularly on people living in the city’s poorest areas. Use our parks, waterways, leisure centres, museums and theatres to help improve the health and well-being of residents as well as considering the layout, design and feel of the city’s streets and buildings.

Our children and young people

Giving our city’s children and young people the best start in life through our parks, play areas, sports pitches, libraries, festivals, school holiday progress and specialist youth provision.

Our quality of life

Bringing people together using our parks, libraries and museums, and providing events and celebrations which can be enjoyed by all.

Our care services

Working to ensure everyone who we provide support to can live in the place they call home, with the people and things that they love and in communities where we look out for one another and are enabled to do the things that matter to all of us. Continue to protect and provide high quality services to those who need our help, support and safeguarding – both children and adults.