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Our spending plans for 2022-23 were approved on Wednesday 23 February 2022.

These plans include the revenue budget (our running costs) and the capital programme (which funds land, buildings and roads).

The revenue budget includes our spending on day-to-day services, such as provision of care to older people, maintaining our parks and collecting waste. Setting our revenue budget is becoming increasingly difficult.

Between 2010 and 2020 we had to make big cuts to our services because of the Government’s austerity programme. Our Government grant in 2020 was over £100 million per year less than it was in 2010. Despite austerity, we had to increase budgets to provide more social care for elderly people and adults with complex disabilities. The Government is making changes to adult social care, and plans to increase national insurance to meet the cost of these changes but none of the extra money will be available to us to provide care for the growing numbers of people who need it. At the time we set the budget, the Government had not told us how much money we will get after 2022, but we expect it to be far short of what the city needs.

As in 2021/22, our budget planning has been disrupted by the pandemic. The budget provides for the same levels of service as the previous budget, with an additional £16m for adult social care - only £5m of this is being provided by the Government. We expect the costs of social care to increase substantially after 2022, with very little Government funding to support this. This means we have to plan for substantial cuts in our other services and have started an exercise to reduce spending by £40m. We have not yet decided where to make savings, but unfortunately many of the city’s most valued services are at risk. We are reviewing everything we provide, including libraries, museums, community centres, leisure centres and street cleaning services and will consult on plans before we make decisions.

The capital programme includes funding for major investments in the city and for work of lasting benefit. Most of the money we spend comes from government grants and the proceeds of selling land and buildings.

Our revenue budget and capital programme for 2022-23 can be downloaded below. 

Please email if you have problems accessing or viewing the PDFs.