My team

City Mayor Executive Team - Deputy and Assistant City Mayors

Following my re-election, I am required to make appointments to the position of Deputy City Mayors and Assistant City Mayors who form part of my executive team.

Further information

Who does what in my executive team?

I lead on economic development, transport and regeneration. Currently I also lead on all matters of constitution and governance, emergency planning and resilience. You can find out more information about a councillor by selecting their name from the list below.

My Deputy City Mayor team members' responsibilities are:

My Assistant City Mayor team members' responsibilities are:

You can download portfolio letters for each role at the bottom of this page.

Job descriptions for my team

Job descriptions have been published for my role, the role of Deputy and Assistant City Mayors, which can be found at the bottom of this page. These will hopefully help the public to understand what to expect of their locally elected politicians, and the standards by which they can be held to account and judged.

You can also download the executive scheme of delegation, which details the portfolios for me and my executive team.