Connecting Leicester

Connecting Leicester is a vision to create and provide a connected, safe and family friendly city centre.

Further information

Looking back, some of the developments in the city, such as the ring road have created barriers that make it difficult for people to move from one area to another and enjoy all the exciting things Leicester has to offer.

I am committed to creating a thriving heart of the city that takes away the barriers and greatly improves the connections between key places within the city. We have taken action to improve the connections between shopping, leisure, heritage, housing and transport facilities.

Our city has a rich heritage with many hidden gems. These are poorly connected with many barriers preventing people moving around Leicester and understanding its story.

Connecting Leicester is the focus for bringing together these special buildings and places through a series of key projects. Together these changes are making the city an attractive destination for shoppers, visitors, businesses and investors and a great place to live.

Connecting the different parts of the city centre and reducing the dominance of roads is starting to create an attractive, pedestrian-friendly, environment for local people to enjoy their historic city.

The scheme is proving to help businesses flourish and attract new visitors to what we know is an interesting and exciting place.

Our city has many unique heritage, retail, leisure and cultural highlights which could be better linked together to create a strong and vibrant centre.