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CCTV footage request

Closed Circuit Television cameras collect footage in Leicester, find out how to request footage.

Closed Circuit Television cameras are used widely throughout Leicester and strict procedures are in place to ensure that cameras and footage are only used within the parameters of the Information Commissioner’s CCTV Code of Practice.

This protects the right to privacy whilst still detecting and preventing crime. All requests for the release of CCTV footage, (called data), shall be channelled through the Council’s Information Governance & Risk Team. Please note that CCTV footage is only kept for 28 days. After that it is automatically re-written over.

Can I see CCTV images which feature me?

If only you feature in the CCTV footage, then you may be allowed to view the data under the terms of the General data Protection Regulation and/or Data Protection Act 2018. How to make a request:

Apply online or put your request in writing to:

Leicester City Council Information Governance & Risk Team
4th Floor,
Rutland Wing
City Hall,
115 Charles Street
Leicester LE1 1FZ

Please make sure you:

  • Provide us with sufficient information to enable us to confirm your identity.
  • Provide us with sufficient accurate information about the time, date and location to enable the data controller to locate the information sought. We understand that you may not know the exact time, but expect accuracy to within one hour.
  • Include as many details as possible - for example; description of people, car registration numbers

You can also check if there was a camera nearby on our CCTV register.

Please note: you will only be shown information relevant to your particular search, and which only contains your own personal data, unless all other individuals who may be identified from the same information have consented to the disclosure.

Can I see CCTV images which do not feature me?

If it shows other individuals, it is highly unlikely. Sometimes even if you are not featured in the CCTV footage, you may still be entitled to view the data under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). You can submit an online FOIA request or submit a written request to the address above.

There may be charges that we will need to make in order to send you the footage, but we will write and tell you what these may be when we have assessed the footage. If you need images in connection with any legal proceedings please read Third Party CCTV data requests below.

Do you always release CCTV images?

Sometimes footage will not be released as certain exemptions may apply, for example the footage may become part of a criminal investigation or civil proceedings, or it shows other identifiable third parties. Material will not be released to the media unless prior consent is sought from the Council, and then usually only for the purpose of identifying suspects in criminal proceedings.

Third party CCTV data requests

Requests to view data generated by a CCTV system are likely to be made by third parties for any one or more of the following purposes:

  • Providing evidence in criminal proceedings.
  • Providing evidence in civil proceedings or tribunals.
  • The prevention of crime.
  • The investigation and detection of crime, including identification of offenders.
  • Identification of witnesses.

Third parties are required to show adequate grounds for disclosure of data within the above criteria and may be any of the following:

  • Police authorities, (not just Leicestershire Constabulary).
  • Statutory authorities with powers to prosecute, (like Customs and Excise or Trading Standards).
  • Solicitors, on behalf of clients.
  • Claimants in civil proceedings.
  • Accused persons or defendants in criminal proceedings.
  • Other agencies, (as agreed by the Data Controller and notified to the Information Commissioner) according to purpose and legal status.

The Council does not have to disclose the data if it thinks there are not strong enough grounds to do so. If the Council decides to release the data:

  • The Council will verify the accuracy of the request. The requester will be shown the relevant footage only (or authorised person acting on their behalf).
  • The viewing will take place in isolation from the control room, with adequate supervision.
  • Only data which is specific to the request will be shown. It must not be possible to identify any other individual from the information being shown (any such information will be blanked-out, either by means of electronic depixillation, or manual editing on the monitor screen, or not shown at all).
  • If a copy of the material is requested and there is no on-site means of editing out other personal data, then the material shall be sent to an authorised editing house for processing prior to being sent to the requester, (an additional fee would be payable for this).
  • In accordance with the Council's publication scheme, fees may be payable for any CCTV footage requested in line with the Council's CCTV Charging Policy. This is currently £100.00